ДиректорAkaneev Sergey Viktorovich Director and founder of LLP “Professional – Security” state license number 14015144 offers services on a commercial basis for the protection of your objects. Our company has established itself as a reliable partner with a wide range of services in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Company LLP “Professional – Security”

•  On the market of security services presented in 2007

•  The number of staff is more than 200 employees. Age guards from 23 to 45 years and it is only experienced staff, properly trained. Staff involved in other work activities are appropriate to their education and qualifications

•  Remote centralized monitoring. Modern security system operating on a cellular communication channels (GSM standard) and allows for non-stop remote monitoring of the state of security and fire alarm and on protected objects.

•  Availability of official vehicles, including all-terrain and rapid response teams. Used for rapid response to incidents on the protected sites, monitoring the performance of duty, escort of cash and goods;

•  Availability of service dog. Security guard dogs. Using sniffer dogs patrolling industrial facilities.

•  The presence of a weapons permit. There are more than 10 units and a smooth-traumatic weapons, radios, rubber sticks, gas installation, “Blow” as well as other means of individual protection and active defense;

•  Installation and maintenance of fire and security alarm system and video surveillance. Installation of turnstiles and other electronic security systems;

Our mission

Since its foundation to the present day LLP “Professional-Security” is focused on providing high-quality services at affordable protection for a wide range of clients prices. Today we are able to provide (and provide) the personal protection of VIPs, guarded the most complex objects, provide advisory services and legal support. In most cases, we provide a comprehensive service, relieving customers from the deal with any issues related to security.

The cost of our security service depends on:

Customer requirements for security services requirements;

– Special protective equipment personnel. means (uniforms, weapons, specials. agents, communications equipment, winter sentry form);

– The state of the crime situation in the environment protection facilities;

– The length of time the provision of security services;

– Distance of the object from the space division of the dislocation, the method of delivery personnel, physical, geographical, climatic and ecological characteristics of the area, living conditions and nutrition personnel.

Pecuniary damage:

The mechanism of compensation for material damage to the customer, authorized by the fault of the artist (protection), consists of two main components:

1. Own funds of monetary and material resources LLP “Professional-Security”.

2. Intended legislation voluntary insurance of civil liability.

Sincerely, Director

LLP “Professional-Security”

Akaneev SV

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