EXPO 2017

Welcome, dear guests, at the world exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana!

expo 2017         Finally in Kazakhstan began the long-awaited and most spectacular event and fashionable tourist season – specialized international exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana, which became the best tourist guides of this year and the top 50 most anticipated global events. Astana prepared to ensure guests of the exhibition fresh and natural products. Preparing for the visitors was conducted around the clock. By the time of the EXPO-2017 in Astana authorities planned to put into operation 23 new hotel projects to 2829 places and much more. For the convenience of foreign guests, during the EXPO, Kazakhstan introduced a visa-free regime for 45 countries. 11 official tour operators of the exhibition were also identified. One of them was included in the top three best tour operator Kompas. And the national carrier Air Astana promised to give a ticket for EXPO to every passenger traveling to Kazakhstan from any country in the world on the days of the exhibition.

          The exhibition in the capital last 93 days – it began its work on June 10 and will end on September 10, 2017. According to forecasts, this event will be visited by 2.5 to 5 million people, we expect many foreign guests, both from the CIS countries, and from far abroad: China, Europe, Turkey and the United States.

       Especially for guests from foreign countries, as well as residents of Kazakhstan, tickets to the exhibition center can be bought with a fixed or open date (this means that the exhibition can be visited at any convenient time).

Also, a special role is assigned to providing security at the EXPO 2017. According to the organizers, they took into account the experience of the organization of the Milan and Shanghai exhibitions. The tranquility of the citizens will provide 9 thousand policemen, and for the health of the guests will watch about 5 thousand doctors. The exhibition also mounted various sensors and alarm surveillance camera. The visitors of EXPO 2017 Astana are met by about 80 thousand people from the staff, and volunteers.

And we – LLP “Professional-Security”, in turn, offer services to foreign guests bodyguards and personal protection, VIP security, including:

Expo 2017

– Ensuring personal protection of guests
– Meeting people of the various delegations, artists, creative workers at airports and railway stations, providing their protection in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Safety, protection of life and health:

– ensure the safety of guests during cultural and entertainment events (concerts, public appearances, presentations, exhibitions, sport competitions, corporate events and so on. n.)
– escort guests on premium cars. 

vip security

In detail about our services:

Physical security, includes:

– Armed security

-security, using special means of protection
Guard with dogs

Panel protection: alarm system connected to central monitoring stations. When an alarm signal is received, a rapid response team and police goes to the object

Cargo tracking – tracking your shipments armed guards on special cars of the security agency.

Installation, adjustment and maintenance of equipment. This service includes:

– CCTV (video monitoring)

– security and fire alarm

– access control systems

– electronic security systems.

– Meeting people and delegations, and their escort. We will guide you on cars “premium”
And also, we provide bodyguard services.
LLP “Professional-Security” has licenses. Many of our customers are satisfied with our service, we have thank you letters, a gallery. We are in our beautiful capital Astana, where the international large-scale exhibition Expo -2017 is held, and we also have offices in the city of Karaganda.

Our phone number: +7 702 508 6698. Please contact! :).

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